Our Mission

Maître D Boutique's mission is to enrich lives by providing wholesome and authentic lifestyle food products which encourage and reward a person's passion for high-quality food and an elegant and nutritional life. 

Chef Inspired

Chef's with their training, experience, imagination and palate are best suited to develop great products, we are fortunate to have The Best Chef's in Canada and their lines of delicious products here on Maître D Boutique along with recipes and food kits for you to enjoy! 


We are environmentally conscientious with the intention of minimizing our footprint when it comes to our packaging, for our shipping boxes and packaging content we do not use any plastic and we try to avoid using plastic whenever possible with the products we are selling, we are not perfect but strive to make a positive impact, all our packaging is reusable and recyclable. We will continue in all aspects of our business to be a good corporate citizen when it comes to environment.



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